Social and Educational Extended Day (SEED) & Lunch Programs

Our schedule during Social Educational Extended Day (SEED) hours are from 7:00 am to 9:00 am and 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm. In those hours we offer arts and crafts, computer lab, gym, outdoor play, and homework time. We have a comfortable routine here in SEED daycare. There are also instances where we do special things such as our annual Christmas Party, or we have guest speakers come in to talk to the children about various things. Or we have a special activity that we have planned for the children such as our annual Easter Egg Hunt.
Mornings are spent playing; the children are given different games to play, chess, battleship and other games that they enjoy. We will use the computer lab and the gym in the morning if the weather is not cooperating. We also have a very popular coloring table with added crafts.
The children go outside around 8:15 am until the bell rings.
In the afternoon the children go out right away after attendance is taken. We have a nice big wagon full of outdoor toys for the children to use while outside. It has cars, and buckets, skipping ropes and balls and chalk among some of the items.
When the weather is inclement the children spend more time indoors. So they go outright after attendance, and come in around 4:30. They then get their snacks. Homework is done in the computer lab. Once their homework is done the children can either stay in the lab or comeback to the SEED daycare room to play or do arts and crafts.
Once the weather improves we spend most afternoons outdoors as we have a beautiful park to play in with big gorgeous trees, lots of grass to run around on, and a picnic table to have snack. It’s a wonderful place for children to explore and play.
Our SEED program also works with Big Brothers and Big Sisters and we have several children who have a mentor who comes to visit them once a week. The idea is for the children to have a special someone to talk to and to build a relationship with. We have had children with the same mentors for up to 4 years straight. It’s a wonderful program.


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