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About us

Christmas Park is a bilingual school located in Beaconsfield. We are located next to Christmas Park which includes a playground, baseball diamond, and a skating rink in winter. We offer opportunities for students to work collaboratively with different grades to foster school community and promote citizenship. We believe in a student-centered approach that seeks to meet the needs of each student. We offer students a place to grow and experience their best self. Our innovative programs use technology as one of the many tools for learning and creating.


At Christmas Park we will strive to:

  • Create a school climate that facilitates student engagement and allows them to take ownership of their learning.
  • Provide deep learning opportunities that highlight: citizenship, character, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. 
  • Foster positive relationships between home and school. 
  • Promote a healthy, safe, and caring environment for all.


At Christmas Park we are dedicated to providing our students with rich teaching and learning opportunities designed to meet their individual needs. This is done by creating opportunities that allow students to collaborate within the school and the community in the context of rich authentic learning. Our teachers develop diverse pedagogical practices that leverage technology and flexible learning resources that enable all students to personalize their learning with choices and a sense of control. Our goals for all students are that they become empowered citizens who regularly demonstrate their knowledge in different and creative ways. Furthermore, our students will celebrate and share their learning within the global community. Our mission is to provide students with the perseverance to develop the necessary academic and socio-emotional skills to equip them for their future.