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Due to the current health situation and until further notice, Governing Boards can legally hold virtual meetings without public attendance or public question period to make any decision in its mandate on the condition that:

  • the public can submit written questions at any time before the holding of the meeting.


  • As soon as possible after the meeting, the draft of the minutes be posted (with a clear indication that the document is a draft) OR as soon as possible after the meeting, the recording of the meeting be posted.

Refer to Decree number 2020-049 dated July 4, 2020

Any questions from the Public can be sent to the Governing Board Chair at christmas_park_gb@lbpearson.ca

Members 2022-2023

Parent Representatives

Christine Berthoud 
Tasha Papasotiriou
Leandra Hallis
Jesse Linklater Governing Board Chair

Community Representatives


Staff Representatives

Barbara Viola 
Tania Wilson
Kerstin Brand
Jennifer Pupil support staff


Michel Besner 

Ian Alexander